Photo by Brian Johnston Vix Tor (Please note Vixen Tor is on privately owned land)

The Tors of Dartmoor

incredible history and views

Along with the ponies, one of Dartmoor’s most iconic sights is its tors. The national park has more than 160 tors; dramatic outcrops of granite, usually standing on top of a hill. Each tor has its own unique and distinct formation, from the stack of rocks that makes up the instantly recognisable Bowerman’s Nose to the towering mass of Haytor Rocks which dominates its landscape.

Many tors have inspired Dartmoor folklore, their striking appearance firing the imagination of storytellers and the moor’s residents for centuries. Others have become places of worship, burial and rituals. In modern times, tors inspire walkers to climb Dartmoor’s most arduous peaks, hunting for the best views of the national park’s stunning landscape. We’ve picked 18 tors that all keen walkers visiting Dartmoor should try and visit at least once.