Dog Friendly Places to Eat

Top places with great food

So you’ve been out exploring Dartmoor with your friends or family, with your dogs of course and now you’ve all got a roaring appetite!

There’s nothing better at the end of a long day exploring and enjoying the outdoors than sitting down together and tucking into a delicious meal. From the finest restaurants to fantastic pub grub, you’ll always something to suit every palate — and plenty of food providers on and around Dartmoor are dog friendly.

Many of the places listed below will allow dogs to accompany you in the bar or eating areas, some welcome them to specially designated areas or outdoor spaces and gardens, it’s best to check before you go if your dog will be allowed into the indoor eating area.

Please also check with the cafe, pub or restaurant if you need to book a table, as lockdown is eased and our freedoms come back not all of them are able to offer the same service as they did previously just yet.

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