Painting by Victoria Clare

Rainy Days Activities

There is plenty to see and do come rain or shine so there’s no reason to hide indoors when the weather turns out to be rather damp!

Take the opportunity to spend some time enjoying our Galleries, Visitor Centres and Craft/Creative Studios and Centres. You can learn how they make marbles, how to create a sculpture, enjoy exhibitions of jewellery, textiles, art and glassworks.

Learning about the history of Dartmoor and Devon is fascinating, so book some time to visit our wonderful Museums and Heritage Centres where you can discover the history of Dartmoor, or explore an Abbey founded by King Canute in 1018!

If you’ve come prepared and packed your waterproofs or aren’t worried about being caught in a shower then pay a visit to one of the wonderful animal centres, zoo or petting farms. They also all have plenty of indoor areas with gorgeous ponies, butterflies, otters, donkeys, piglets and goats to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ over!

And of course, the food! So many fantastic places to enjoy wonderful food and drink, from tea-rooms, to cafes, farm shops and pubs, to bistro restaurants. Indoors, out of the rain, after a bracing and rainy-day walk, there’s nothing better.

So if you’re looking to spend the day relaxing with family or friends, a rainy day shouldn’t spoil your fun at all. Have fun!