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Dartmoor is a sizeable National Park, measuring approximately 365 square miles. It’s often perceived by people who don’t know it as being a fairly inaccessible wilderness.  It is true that it is not served by a vast array of public transport, and to get to know the moors well takes time, research and exploration.  But it’s perfectly accessible, with a good road network and by a variety of different modes of transport, be it car, bicycle, on foot, on horseback, or significantly, by someone else guiding you.

There are various companies offering guided tours, using a variety of modes of transport, from car and minibus, to bicycle, horse and on foot.  There is a common thread between all of these companies, in that they are run by local people, who therefore know what they are talking about.  Dartmoor is a place that has thousands of stories to tell — that’s no surprise when one remembers that it has been inhabited by humankind for many thousands of years.  Dartmoor is the stuff of myth and legend, with its incredible landscapes, naturally sculpted rock formations, abundance of nature, and endless walking trails. It’s no surprise that people decide to take some form of guided tour to help them access the inside story of the moors.  Whether on Dartmoor for a day or for a week, having a guided tour over that time ensures that a visitor makes the most of every second and ekes out the best experience possible.

So, consider having a guided tour of Dartmoor to help make the most of your holiday and to give you the local point of view.  You will get off the beaten track, eat at the best places, meet real locals, and create memories for life.

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